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Black Amethyst Cluster

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Gorgeous black amethyst freeform cluster.

This rare dark amethyst crystal displays a natural deep purple coloring due to hematite inclusions. This will probably be the darkest amethyst you'll ever own and it will be a useful tool for energy work.

Black amethyst is the best crystal to use for relief of migraines. Place the point above your head and point it downwards. Also try placing the point near the area of headache pain and point the tip outwards to dissipate the pain energies. You can also use this to channel out pain energies out of specific areas of the body.

Approximate Dimensions:
4.75" x 3" x 2"
Weight: 400 grams 

Black Amethyst is known to:
→ Provide energy protection and purification.
→ Helps with calming and relaxation.
→ Use to combat addictions, drunkenness and alcoholism.
→ Boosts intuition and showers one with the violet flame.
→ Bring vivid and sweet dreams.
→ Rejuvenate the whole system.
→ Work on deep levels of healing.

Care Instructions