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Druzy Dolomite with Malachite

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Kolwezite are complex minerals specimens containing any combinations of the following minerals cobalt, dolomite, zinc, copper, nickel, druzy quartz, shattuckite, chrysocolla, and malachite. Each stone is unique and ethically sourced.

This piece has a lovely section of green Malachite with druzy dolomite and psuedo chrysocolla. 

As these contain many different minerals they are each unique in their healing capacities. You should pick whichever one first catches your attention.

Kolwezite are thought to encourage love, healing and forgiveness. They provide courage and help with emotional transmutation. They are also stones that help you live in the present moment by bringing a refreshing energy to all aspects of your life. 

Measures approximately 3.25" x 2.4" x 2.25" weight 220 grams

Care Instructions