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Luminar Jasper Free Form

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A brand new jasper coming out of Namibia which has an amazing complexity of patterns which are reminiscent of celestial patterns. The material is mostly brown, red, yellow, orange hues of colors with striking often very complex patterns. The material is very similar in the colors to Mookiate, or Mook Jasper from Australia, but the unique patterns make it substantially different in appearance.
Jasper is associated with passion, fire, and movement. It works with you to ensure your physical vitality is always at its peak. It's also great for stimulating creativity and imagination.

Luminar Jasper is a lovely stone for meditation as it helps brings your intentions into reality.

It is also wonderful for grounding as it helps provide balance and stability.

This free form measures approximately 4.5" x 2.6" x 1.6" and weighs 568 grams (~1lb, 4 ounces)

Care Instructions