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Natural Smoky Citrine Cluster

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Beautiful and hard to find natural smoky quartz and citrine cluster. 

Citrine is great for enhancing dreams and visions for the future, allowing you to ground your intentions in reality and bring them to life. Citrine is a powerful manifestation and transmutation stone bolstering joy and abundance. Citrine also helps increases the drive to accomplish a goal while helping dissipate toxic attachments. The vibrational energy of this crystal will allow for clarity of thought opening your mind to spiritual and emotional growth. 

Smoky Quartz is a lovely detoxifying and grounding stone. As smokey quartz forms it is naturally exposed to radiation from the earth giving it the ability to recognize negative energies such as electromagnetic pollutants and neutralize them. Smoky quartz is also said to aid in helping with radiation exposure, stress, anxiety and a mild pain reliever. 

Approximate Measurements: 466 grams

4.5" x 4" x 2.6"

Care Instructions