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Pyrope Garnet

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Pyrope Garnet is the most fiery of the garnets. It is an incredibly supportive stone both emotionally and physically. It brings fire energy and stimulates warmth and gentleness. It helps invite love in.

Pyrope Garnet lighten moods and is a great stone when you're feeling low and worn down as it helps restore your reasons and will for life. If you've felt in crisis this is a great stone to carry with you. It brings more endurance and composure when you might need it most.

On a physical plane Pyrope Garnet is great for boosting circulation and helping blood disorders. It may also help anxiety dissipate. It protects the Base and Crown Chakras by helping them align the entire body.

It also makes a great mediation stone as it heightens intuition and meditative states.

This piece weighs 30 grams and measures 1.7" x 1.4" x 1.1"

Each piece is ethically sourced from Madagascar. 

Care Instructions