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Rock Quartz Free Form

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This piece is polished and has natural crystal faces and color with prisms within.

Clear quartz is perhaps the most versatile and intricate stone. It has many properties but three of the most notable ones are memory, energy amplification and programmability. Clear quartz is able to be set with your own intention making it an ideal stone for meditation. It is also able to amplify the energy of other stones making it a wonderful addition to any crystal collection especially when using crystal grids.

Quartz is known as the stone of light. When carried with you it allows for higher vibrational frequencies to be received. A great use for this would be throwing it in a bag you often carry or placing it on your nightstand or even under your pillow.

Clear Quartz is a wonderful stone for chakra opening, healing, past-life recall, astral traveling, lucid dreaming, communication with Spirit, attracting love and prosperity or really any other intention you're focused on manifesting.

My Quartz pieces originate in Madagascar. Pieces from Madagascar are considered the most ancient and many are considered to contain knowledge from civilizations past. These quartz pieces are especially suited to vision work, meditation, healing and connecting to Spirit.

Weight: 248 grams
Approximate dimensions: 5" x 1.6" x 1"

Grade A

A note about our stones: All Golden Moth gems are ethically sourced through fair labor practices and all stones are natural, not lab created gems. We carefully choose stones with high vibrations that have been sourced with love, benefitting the home countries they've come from. I use stones for healing so it matters to me how they're cultivated.

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