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Tourmaline, Feldspar and Quartz Specimen

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This lovely complex specimen is a beautiful mix of feldspar, quartz and black tourmaline. It's a powerful grounding stone and carries each of the individual stone's properties. This piece was ethically sourced from the Erongo Mountains in Namibia.

Feldspar is associated with accepting change in life. It may help you cope with difficulties in life and can promote healing of your mind and spirit providing soothing and rejuvenating energy. Feldspar's metaphysical properties ensure you have positive energy and positive strength in times of need. The gemstone will help you to realize your potential in life and have a bolder self-esteem so you can tackle bigger changes in your life. Feldspar's true meaning comes to life when you work with it to overcome the difficulties in life.

Quartz is perhaps the most versatile and intricate stone. It has many properties but three of the most notable ones are memory, energy amplification and programmability. Clear quartz is able to be set with your own intention making it an ideal stone for meditation.

Black Tourmaline is a lovely grounding and protective stone. It is said to aid against feelings of panic and anxiety and protect against environmental pollutants like emfs. It is also said to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain allowing for emotional and physical balance and increased concentration.

This piece weighs: 230 grams

Approximate Measurements: 3.25" x 2.9" x 2.5"

Care Instructions